So, here it is….

So, here it is. The night before I leave for my big trip abroad! First stop: Dublin! What?! Yes Dublin! I have such a big day tomorrow! Why am I still awake at midnight? Wouldn’t you be excited if you were about to start a wonderful journey across the big pond to enjoy culture, arts, education, and life?The plan is to stay with friends of the family that work at the American Embassy in Dublin, travel around Southwest Ireland (Cork, Waterford, Galway, etc…), and hopefully meet some of my family.

The picture below is a postcard that my Great Grandmother wrote on and kept in her records for her trip from Ireland to immigrate to the U.S. So my GG Mollie met a wonderful German boy on the S.S. Baltic, and started a life in Cleveland, OH after going through Ellis Island. Little to her knowledge, my GG Mollie’s mother had a son after she left Ireland. I think he would be my Great-Great Uncle McNea. Anyways, my GG Mollie never met her brother that was born in Ireland after she left. I, sadly, never met my Great Grandmother Mollie either. I have worked on getting in touch with my Great Great Uncle’s family and may be able to meet them while traveling across Ireland. Words cannot describe how excited I am to meet part of my family.

With this postcard, my family was able to discover that my GG Mollie’s name was misspelled in the Ellis Island directory all along. We have every bit of information to find more details on her journey to America. After my summer abroad, I will be meeting my mom in New York City to look up all the information I find while I am in Ireland. Wish me luck!  (Luck of the Irish.. get it?)


P.S. Doesn’t she have beautiful handwriting?



  1. travelleader

    Dublin is a great place. Wish you have a wonderful journey there.

  2. Linda Delaney

    Hey Colleen,
    Such a wonderful journey! We went to Ireland when Keenan was there for a 6 month internship about 6 years ago. Be sure and do a “pub crawl” in Dublin!
    If you have time when you are back in NY with your mom, I would LOVE to see you!

  3. It’s awesome that you have a postcard your great grandmother wrote when she emigrated from Ireland–and that you have the opportunity to visit the country she left.

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