My Support for the Fight

Every year my mom and I find the closest Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to where one of us lives. Usually I start months in advance where ever I live, and invite my mom to come visit while away at school for a weekend. Below are some pictures from the Indianapolis 2011 Race for the Cure.

My mom is a 14 year survivor of Breast Cancer. I was 9 years old when I learned about cancer and the effects on a family going through chemo therapy and struggling through doctor’s visits to make sure the cancer has reacted correctly to the treatments. My brother was 15 years old. He acted as an extra set of hands, and became a responsible lasagna eating brother/3rd parent.

I remember making my mom breakfast and lunch, going with her to get her chemo, and making certain changes in order to keep her as comfortable as possible in the house. What does it feel like to support that parent that has done everything for you? At the time, I was 9 and could not comprehend all the changes my family endured and the fighter that was inside my mom’s heart. All I knew was that my mom was in an even riskier place to have her life ended, because of this disease that you could not see, feel, or touch.

Because of watching my mom fight this monster, I have seen how absolutely strong she is as a person, as a patient, as a nurse, as a mother, as a wife… as a fighter. This is where I get my motivation to be a strong woman today. She is my light, my guidance, and my best friend. My mom and grandma are the two strongest women I know, and I cannot wait to be as feisty, stubborn, and beautiful as they are today.

Like I said, my mom and I have found the South Carolina Mountains to Midlands Race for the Cure to participate in September. For the first time ever, I have started a team for those that are in the area and would like to join. I am very excited to share these experiences with other survivors and truly be in the presence of the strongest people (Men can get breast cancer too!) on this earth.

I am also collecting donations on my page for the Race. 75% of the money raised will stay in the local area of South Carolina. I am always very proud of seeing Race Day and how many people come to support their loved ones in honor and in memory of those who are no longer with us. Below I have linked my pages for you to take a gander and decide if you would like to join us in Greenville, SC or are able to share a few dollars.

Colleen’s Personal Page

Clemson Student Affairs and Friends Komen Race for the Cure® Team Page

Fundraising Tips for those that would like to join in the Fundraising


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  1. Isabelle Baker

    We LOVE working with your mom! In a short time we have had the blessing of being around such a joyful, open heart! She is very amazing and we count ourselves very fortunate to have had some time with her. She’s moving to a different department so we are going to miss her infectous laugh, her intuitive spirit, her sensitivity to all things associates and patients and her massive knowledge!!! WE have experienced your trip vicariously through her reportings and your blog! Thank you for sharing her with us. I have a really picture I’d love to send to you but I don’t know see anyway to send it to you here. Take care! Isabelle

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