Social Classism: Plain-as-Day

This week two friends of mine and I had a proposal accepted for a NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators) conference in Orlando, FL. The proposal is titled, “Empowering Female College Students: Breaking Society’s Boundaries.” So I started doing more research on our topic. I found this article: War on Women, Waged in Postcards: Memes from the Suffragist Era. Considering the postcards displayed, this seems like an extremist view, but it gives some good background and historical references.

Women's Suffrage Postcard

To sum a few things up: the 15th amendment was passed in 1869 to let black men have the right to vote. The 19th amendment was passed in 1919 to let women have the right to vote. There was 50 years difference with having the same social issues but different identities rights’ identified.

The fact that women’s voting rights were accepted by Congress 50 years after black men’s voting rights parallels the past eight years. For example, Hilary (Republican) vs. Obama (Democrat) in 2008 and now Romney (Republican) vs. Obama (Democrat) in 2012 shows a social hierarchy plain as day. America picked the black man over the white female in 2008, but most Americans, around South Carolina and the entire country, are going to pick the white man over the black man. America is still clearly putting society into classes in terms of preferences for a position of power for the country: (1) white males, (2) black males, (3) white females, (4) black females, and (5) anyone else that might get a chance to obtain a position of power.

Most do not see this as social classism and blame these historical references on happenstance and other issues brought to light by the media. Why does our society keep letting this happen, but shield their eyes when they are called upon for a really important decision in our country’s leadership?


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