Moving to Baltimore: Part 1 of 2

Driving Route from FL to TN

Baltimore: Leg 1


Well, tomorrow is the day that I pack everything up in Tampa and drive it to my small town in Tennessee. “Tennessee?” you ask. Yes, Tennessee. I am originally from a small town known for their Walking Horse Celebration (don’t judge the website). Funny enough, the Horse Show will be going on while I’m back in town for a short period of time before heading to Baltimore. This Horse Show is when my small town swells to the size of  mid-sized town and shows obvious stretch marks within the process. It’s an interesting culture. I suggest you experience something like this at least once in your life. If not for the culture, then go for the food. Best damn food in your life. No joke.

Anyways, we’re packing up a truck, towing my little car behind and sedating my cat so that he can make it without having an anxiety attack.  Sounds like a great trip, huh? Ha! (I am actually very excited for the first leg of the trip. )

The whole point of the 3-part-move is to pick up furniture that I’ve left in TN for this very occasion: my first unfurnished apartment. After living in residence halls for every Fall and Spring semester and random apartments for the last 6 years, it is time to sign a 12 month lease, finally.

This summer I spent a week at my family’s 100 year old log cabin/farm house, painting my old furniture and getting my stuff together to move. The time is finally here, my furniture is painted and mostly together, we’re picking it up then traveling on up to Baltimore. (I’m also excited about the second leg of the trip too, if you couldn’t tell.)

This is it though! This is the beginning of my adventures in Baltimore. Stay tuned for news on my new professional life.


P.S. Once I leave FL, I will not have internet until Baltimore. So give me some slack in keeping my posts on time. I’ll get there; I promise. 






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