Moving to Baltimore: Part 2 of 2

Tennessee to Maryland

Well, I finally made it to Baltimore, moved into the apartment and now have inernet connection!  Thanks for being so patient for the traveling story.

So we started out at 4am from the little town in Tennessee. We drove up through Knoxville, Roanoke and into Maryland. First of all, I cannot wait to claim moving expenses on my taxes (aka: gas). Second of all, do any of you know how rough it is to drive 12 hours with an animal on your lap? So on this trip, I learned how long the state of Virginia is to drive through and about a different part of the Smokies/Appalachians. This had been the first time I have even been in Virginia, let alone actually spent time thinking about how I had never been to Virginia until then. Interesting place.

The drive was basically non-eventful. If you call my credit card bursting into flames from the number of swipes I used on it for gas “not eventful”? I’m being dramatic. I think what happened was that my card just cried every time I had to “fill” the moving truck up when we stopped every 3-4 hours. Moving is expensive! That is all you need to know.

My main goal was to keep the cat as calm as possible and as safe as possible. In the end, it all worked out and we got him in the new place so that he could walk his little tipsy self around and stretch his legs. Below, you’ll see a few pictures/explanations I took throughout the drive.

sneaky picture

* This was when the poor kitty was drugged and the only time he would sleep/stay still was if he was on my lap. So as soon as I got him to settle down, I snuck my phone in front of his face to see if he was asleep. I was so excited for him to finally be asleep that I took a celebratory picture. As you can see, my face is 1/2 excited, 1/2 scared he would wake up again, and .05% tired. The math works out in the end. Don’t worry.

TN Sunrise

*The sunrise heading over to Knoxville. We basically had to beat the sun so that once it came up, it was still behind the mountains. We timed it perfectly with the mountains and the fog between us and the sun until it was up and out of the way for the rest of the day.

Kitty in Basket

* Once Sheba was pretty much out of it, he crawled into his basket between the seats in the cab of the moving truck. That was where he stayed for most of the 2nd leg of the trip, because I was much better at telling when to give his medicine to him.

All in all, Sheba survived. I survived, and the family that helped me along the way survived. I don’t recommend this 24hr trip to anyone unless you have some real gumption to finish.

Anyways, I made it to Baltimore!


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