Adding Some Green


I realized a little while ago that I claimed to be “green” in my blog, but haven’t written about any parts of my life  that are, in fact, green practices. Well, you are in luck because I will have a garden this summer! (I’m going with the most literal sense of “green” right now.) Considering that I live in an apartment and we do not have a balcony, Steven had this great idea to look for a community garden around us.


So this beautiful plot of land below is our garden. Snazzy, right? Steven and I went in together to rent a plot of land in a Community Garden not too far from where we will be living. As you can see, it needs some work: new fence, a gate, majorly needing some love, etc…

Garden Plot


Out of the two of us, Steven is most definitely the more experienced gardener. I am lacking knowledge in the gardening area, so I will be learning as we go. Basically what I have, right now, are seeds started in a seed pellet thing (picture below). My yellow squash has taken OFF! This week I’ll be repotting the pellets that have started to out grow their circumference of a tiny 1” diameter (AKA: my yellow squash).

Seed Plots


Finally, this weekend I will try to commit to removing the brush in the plot. Ultimately my goal is to clean it up so that the only parts left are to replace the fence and get the soil ready before we start planting. I’ll check in periodically throughout the summer to share my knowledge. 🙂


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