One Step at a Time – My digital story example

For my Educational Foundations course that I’m currently enrolled, we were asked to create an assignment for a student group and create an example.

Check out my last post to get some details about the assignment I created:

 I run a scholarship program at the University of Central Florida, where the student in the program receives a 5-star mentoring experience. One of these mentors is a peer mentor, a student who has previously been a part of the program and currently in upper-level courses.

Even though coursework is a part of the LEARN student experience, I wanted to stretch a little further to create an assignment to integrate into the peer mentor training while the students are not on campus over the summer. My hope is that the peer mentors will create a digital story for their mentees full of their advice and a personal transition story.

I also created a Wiki Page to help my students understand the assignment. Please help me by answering some of the questions below. I would LOVE if you could give me some feedback on the example I created. Keep scrolling!

  •  Do you think the students will understand what I am expecting for the assignment?
  •  How would you evaluate the work of a Peer Mentor’s digital reflection story?
  •  Did my own story make sense or was there a connection I did not complete?



One comment

  1. Neshea Griffin EME5050

    Hello Colleen,
    You provide solid foundational information about digital storytelling in your Wiki. Your examples are clear and concise, and provide resources for your student mentors that would be easily applicable to their own stories. Your plan allows for feedback on the storyboard process which will serve as monitoring, and provide direction or redirection for this project.
    I was very impressing with your digital story, and I think that your student mentors will appreciate the personal investment, and honesty in your presentation. Although this is posed as a real assignment, if you plan to use this; would you determine due dates for the tasks to be complete over the summer?
    Again, excellent work! Now I really feel behind in getting mine completed :).

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