About Me

I am currently working for a program based in retention of first generation and underrepresented groups in STEM majors, by using the high impact practice of undergraduate research. I have been working in higher education for around 6 years in various capacities. While this is my day job, I am also taking classes at University of Central Florida towards the  Instructional/Educational Technology graduate certificate and have graduated from Clemson University‘s Counselor Education (Student Affairs) program. I loved my undergraduate institution: Purdue University, and received a B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology.

Venice, ItalyWith my background, I plan to create a career path that includes both educational, psychological, and technological concepts to help my students learn skills that aren’t always taught in a classroom. For example, professional etiquette and consistency when emailing faculty or building self-efficacy to ask for help in the first year of transfer to a large university. I want to find professional positions that allow me to create innovative strategies to help students see the value in and learn skills that will help in their success at the university and after graduation. 

On the way there, I would like to discover and implement new technology, find new artists and blog about the green practices my husband and I grow together. I sometimes take dance lessons and find awesome vegetarian recipes to share. Every so often, I get to travel and take great pictures to share, but every single day, I learn. 


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